"So What's YOUR Training Goal Using A Heart Rate Monitor?"

Your guide for buying and training
with a heart rate monitor
Learn why a HRM can help YOU...
Train Smarter, NOT Harder

Heart rate training will help you achieve your health, fitness or performance goals quicker and safer than you thought possible.

Your heart rate monitor (HRM) is your COACH/PERSONAL TRAINER.

They hold you ACCOUNTABLE. They help get you over the hump.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

The fact that you're reading this says a lot about you and your desire to buy and/or learn more about the benefits of heart rate monitors.

Everyone has different goals whether it's to...

  • Look better in the mirror
  • Improve their heart health and get off medications
  • Or, WIN that next marathon or race.

Whatever your goals, your HRM...your COACH, will help get you there!

The goal of this website is to educate you about:

  • The best heart rate monitors for running, cycling, general fitness, or weight loss

  • The benefits of heart rate monitors

  • Polar heart rate monitor comparisons

  • Tips for when you are ready to buy a heart rate monitor

  • How to use a heart rate monitor

  • Discussion of heart rate training zones

  • Examine when you're burning fat and when you're burning carbohydrates

  • How to increase lactate threshold to maximize performance

It's amazing that even with the advances in technology and nutrition that society is getting fatter and more unhealthy than ever.

If you happen to fall into this category I hope this site and a HRM will be an inspiration to you to change your lifestyle for the better.

I'm not a fancy writer or an established author. But, I am a certified heart rate training performance specialist. I'm also passionate about health and helping people.

I received my certification from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association. You can learn more about me and my certification in the about me page.

My goal is to write in a manner that will help you understand heart rate training. As if I was right there training with you in person. Then, when you are ready I will pass the baton to you and your HRM.

The HRM becomes your personal trainer...taking you to new levels. Building confidence and pushing you to succeed like you have never done before.

Then, after a few weeks of training. I want you to come back. I want you to come back and leave your comments. I want to hear how your doing.

I hope this site evolves into one of helping each other with stories of success, failures, and recommendations.

I digress...lets move on.

There are many good heart monitors on the market. The best heart rate monitor in my opinion is made by Polar Electro.

Not only is Polar the market leader, but Polar heart rate monitors have many features (translated...BENEFITS) that you will not find in other heart monitors.

One such feature is the Polar Fitness Test. This feature found on some Polar models will evaluate your current fitness level without you having to exert yourself to calculate your VO2Max. (More on VO2Max later)

Do you really know how fit you are?

Maybe you don't want to know. I think you do...or you wouldn't be reading this far.

The Polar Fitness Test is your measuring stick. It will calculate how you compare to other people of the same age and gender.

Don't worry...no one will know, but you and your Polar HRM. :)

The value it calculates will allow you to monitor your progress over time. Isn't that whats important? Progressing.

Nothing is more gratifying than seeing results. Seeing results in the mirror, at the finish line or from your blood work taken during your yearly physicals.

The Polar Fitness Test is a topic that deserves a dedicated page to discuss more in detail. Be sure you understand this feature before buying a HRM.

You will find that I will use heart rate watches and heart rate monitors interchangeably. They are the same thing, but my goal is to appeal to all the different variations.

A major benefit of using a heart rate watch is to monitor the intensity of your workout.

Polar heart rate watches ensure that you are:

  • Training in the proper heart rate zones
  • Based on your age, gender, and weight
  • Based on your current fitness level
  • And...with your training goals in mind.
See...I told you they were like your COACH/PERSONAL TRAINER.

Training intensity that is TOO LOW will lead to inadequate results and intensity that's TOO HIGH leads to over training, frustration, and possible injury. Not good, not good.

The runner, cyclist, or general fitness enthusiast will all train at different intensities and at different heart rates depending on the goal of that day and the specific sport.

So, when I talk, um...I mean write, please, please remember I'm writing in generalities. Every person is different. Every goal is different. Every sport is different.

Your heart rate is how the HRM gauges your INTENSITY.

Heart rate watches are very effective for objectively assessing:

  • Performance
  • Intensity
  • And Recovery (Important Stuff)
Most people use the rate of perceived exertion to gauge intensity. Gasping for air for example. Fun huh?

Perceived exertion isn't the most accurate way of training. Unlike the rate of perceived exertion the heart shows the response of the body at any moment of time.

A heart monitor is the most practical and efficient way for measuring intensity during cardiovascular training. But it also does much more. With advancing technology certain monitors can:

  • Assist you in assessing aerobic capacity

  • Measure rest intervals

  • Count calories as a percentage of fat burned or carbohydrates burned

  • Measure overall physical fitness

  • Measure relaxation rate

  • Measure altitude and temperature

  • Monitor your rest intervals while weight training and prompt you to start the next set

  • Measure your heart rate variability

  • Detect the onset of illness (abnormal heart rate compared to normal)

  • And much more.

You can think of your heart rate as a window into your body. The heart does not lie!

You can learn a lot about your body and fitness with heart rate monitoring. The heart monitor is a wondrous biofeedback tool.

It will tell you when to work harder or when to slow down.

These days computer software allows you to monitor your training progress with a snap. Certain heart rate watches can transfer all your training data right to your computer for easy analysis.

New accelerometers and power meters enables runners and cyclists the ability to compare:

  • Your body's INPUT; as measured by heart rate
  • With OUTPUT; measured by power or pace.
If you are a runner or a cyclist without a power meter or accelerometer you don't know what you are missing. Comparing your heart rate with your pace or power enables you to maximize your training efficiency.

Ok, a little exercise 101...

Even if you don't have any experience using a heart monitor you are most likely aware that EXERCISE IS STRESS. Stress is what causes the body to adapt.

Stress must be vigorous enough to cause the body to change.

But change also involves REST. The rest period between sets and exercise sessions (days). It's during these rest periods that the body adapts to the stresses put upon it.

Rest is not the same for the beginner as it is for the advanced athlete. A beginner should take days off to rest between exercise sessions.

However an advanced athlete, with the help of a heart monitor, can train in a low intensity heart rate zone for fitness changes to occur.

After reading through this website, you should have an excellent idea of:

  • The benefits of heart rate monitors
  • How to choose the right heart rate watch for your specific sport or goals
  • And... how to train with a heart monitor to allow you to maximize your time and resources.
As I mentioned before, I invite you to post your stories and comments on my site. I’d love to hear from you and look forward to hearing your thoughts about anything related to exercise and training with a heart rate monitor.

To Your Success.

Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist

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