Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors

HRM's keep you from wasting your time AND... Turn BORING workouts into
Training With Substance

SO...“What are the training benefits of heart rate monitors?”

That’s an easy question with several answers.

Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

For one, heart rate monitors make training more enjoyable because they make more effective use of your time.

None of us likes to waste time.

They take the guess work out of...

"How long and how hard do I need to workout to receive benefits?"

Your heart rate monitor engages you during your training session.

You will be so focused on training in the RIGHT ZONE and at the RIGHT INTENSITY, you basically forget how boring workouts can be.

Heart Rate Watches help:

  • Keep you motivated as you watch the calories burn.
  • Improve your performance and fitness by keeping you at the correct intensity for the correct amount of time.
  • Correct training leads to better recovery.
  • And improve your over all well being by spotting health problems quickly.

Yep. You read that correctly. You can spot the onset of health problems.

By monitoring your heart rate daily, you will be able to see illnesses setting in with a change in your normal heart rate. This will alert you to not train at all, or to take it easy that day.

They are not just heart rate monitors anymore.

Heart rate monitors can be classified as:

  • Exercise computers,
  • Biofeedback devices,
  • And, computerized coaches.

Most people work out better with a partner or a personal trainer giving you support and feedback. With a heart rate monitor, you are never alone!

The benefits of heart rate monitors and heart rate training can be summarized as follows:

  • Prevents you from over-training or under-training
  • More proficient use of your time leads to productive workouts
  • Exercising becomes funner
  • Workouts are tailored for your age, gender, and goals
  • The intensity of your workout is carefully measured
  • The payoff of your routine is much more clear
  • It's no trouble to set and reach your goals
  • Your development, or lack of development toward fitness are brought to light
  • You become more inspired when you see results
  • You begin to build faith in oneself through awareness
  • You become more educated about your training

Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors
Heart Rate and Over-Training

One benefit of a heart rate monitor is to monitor your training intensity. Since gasping for air probably isn't your cup of tea, having a way to monitor your intensity is sooooo....sweet.

Too much of any type of stress can be detrimental to health (even too much exercise). Trust me on this.

When you push your body beyond normal levels through stress (exercise) your body is put into overload. Overload will temporarily decrease the body's ability to do work.

Optimum training is when the form of overload (stress/exercise) is enough to cause a positive adaptation but just as important is the proper amount of time between trainings (rest/recovery).

Over-training is when the exercise is too intense and there is insufficient recovery time. The result will be fatigue, an increased chance of illness, and no progress in fitness.

Proper intensity is critical. If your a beginner, it's not fun to wake up the next day feeling like you were ran over by a truck.

Advanced athletes start to feel invincible. When that happens... you are one step away from making a mistake.

Learning to monitor your intensity with your HRM will help to keep you out of trouble.

Positive adaptations do not only occur during exercise. Positive adaptations are happening during rest (between sets and between workouts).

Did you know that your level of fitness is NOT created from exercise?

Yes, I wrote that correctly.

Exercise only creates the POTENTIAL for fitness. You only REALIZE this fitness during rest.

The best rest is sleep. During sleep your body releases growth hormones. Growth hormones is what turns your hard work into fitness.

Choosing the right Polar heart rate monitor will help keep you:

  • From over-training
  • By keeping you in the right training zones
  • For the right amount of time.

Are you beginning to see the benefits of heart rate monitors?

HRM's Keep You From Wasting Your Time

Exercise is hard enough. None of us want to do more than we need to. But, we also don’t want to be wasting our time by under-training.

As mentioned before you must push your body beyond normal levels through exercise for any positive changes to occur.

If your training below the recommended training zones based on your specific goals you will not get the results that you are looking for.

The proper use of a heart rate monitor during exercise will help keep you in the correct training zones to prevent you from over-training or under-training.

It's important to note that NOT all heart rate monitors calculate your training zones. So, choose wisely. I recommend the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor for its STAR Training Program feature.

Keeping you from over-training and from under-training. These are two BIG benefits of heart rate monitors.

Additional Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors

Regular measurement of your heart rate and the correct interpretation of the data will enable you to come very close to:

  • Doing the correct training,
  • In the correct way,
  • At the right intensity and
  • For the right amount of time.

Training in appropriate heart rate zones will allow you to:

  • Advance faster with less wasted work.
  • Leading to efficient and safe workouts.
Some Polar heart rate monitors come with training programs. These personalize workouts take the guesswork out of cardiovascular training.

The Polar Fitness Test and the Polar Own Zone® feature found in the FT60 and FT80 will guide you to:

  • Exercise in the correct training zones for your goals
  • Computes recovery, fat burning, and aerobic zones
  • Ensuring that you to train at the right intensity
  • Allowing you to reach your goals with less effort

An exercise diary will allow you to track your goals, and the development, or lack of development will become apparent allowing you to make correct adjustments.

Certain polar heart rate monitors allow you to transfer your exercise data from your heart rate watch to allowing you to keep track of your progress.

By keeping track of your progress and monitoring your heart rate on a daily basis will increase your knowledge about your fitness and is much better than just guessing.

This increased awareness helps to keep you motivated as you reach daily and weekly goals including calories burned during every workout.

As you can see, their are many benefits of heart rate monitors. After reading all this, are you sorry you asked? :)

Training with Polar heart rate monitors will take your fitness to a new level.

Why Polar?

Because of the BENEFITS you will receive by using their line of heart rate monitors. They are the market leaders in HRM technology and education.

Oh yeah. One more thing.

Always consult with a doctor before beginning an exercise routine. You're my peeps and I don't want anything bad happening to ya. ;)

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