Buying A Heart Rate Monitor

Buying a heart rate monitor is going to help you achieve your fitness goals...

  • Safer,
  • Quicker,
  • And with less wasted effort.

Have you thought about buying a heart rate monitor, but decided against it because you are just a weekend athlete, or you are only beginning your fitness program?

Do you think heart rate monitors are only for competitive or professional athletes, not someone who is simply trying to get into better shape or lose a few pounds?

Well, heart rate monitors are definitely vital equipment for competitive athletes. You will have to really look hard to find one of these athletes who does not use a monitor while training.

This is equipment that tells an athlete how their body is responding to the exercise they are doing right now, in real time. They use this information to increase or decrease their pace, intensity, or the length of their workout to meet their training goals, and to not over train and risk injury or illness.

Ask any highly trained, competitive athlete and they will tell you they need the daily help a heart rate monitor provides. And these are people who are very in tune with their body, they train almost daily and know what their body can do.

Imagine how much help a fitness beginner or a weekend athlete would get from using a monitor.

A good monitor does all kinds of things besides tell you how fast your heart is beating.

Depending on the model you buy, it can help you judge your current fitness state, and then tell you what your exertion level should be in your daily training sessions. And it can also tell you if your body is responding to your training regime, or if it is being overworked.

Having a good heart rate monitor is like having your own personal coach. A coach who knows what level of fitness you are at now and where you want to progress to, who helps you improve safely, so you can avoid injuries.

Did you know that overtraining not only causes injuries, it also lowers your immune function, so you are more susceptible to catching all the little viruses and colds that are always circulating.

And nothing stops a workout program in its tracks like getting sick. A good monitor reads the subtle signs that your body gives during your workout, and will tell you when you need to stop early or cut back.

Now you may be thinking, those things are too bulky and have straps and wires all over the place, I just can’t see me wearing one. Plus they are expensive! I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a contraption that I won’t use, or that will constantly be breaking.

When heart rate monitors started to be available to the general public quite a few years ago, they were large, bulky, not too terribly reliable, and really expensive.

All good reasons why most recreational athletes did not buy monitors. But things have changed, and the equipment that is available today is reliable, small and light and durable, and best of all, not too expensive for the average person.

If you are just starting a fitness program or you need help with your workouts, look into buying a heart rate monitor. They can help athletes at any level get the most out of their workouts, while protecting their health.

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